Monday, November 15, 2010

too long!

It's been way too long since my last update. This would be much more fun for me if I could share more specifics about Doodle Bug and some of the super cute pictures of her! picture big beautiful eyes that can stare a hole into your soul, with eyelashes that reach the sky, an overwhelming grin that melts hearts and the most beautiful complexion you ever will see!

These days...
she is talking all the time... she likes to grab Shaun by the beard, stare into his eyes and have deep meaningful conversations. Not quiet sure what she's talking about but she's very passionate about it!
she'e eatting rice cereal, wheat cereal and homemade butternut squash. her favorite is when we mix the cereal with apple juice, i can tell be the sour face and shimmy that she just loves it;)
she loves to jump in the jumper and spin in circles and you better pay attention or she will throw things!
she wants so badly to play with Nestle, she will lay in may lap and yell trying to get nestles attention, she quickly becomes frustrated and starts crying when nestle ignores her so I make nestle lay beside us for some gentle petting and not so getle ear tugs and eye gouges!
she's known as a sock thief at daycare because she frequently snatchs socks off of other children's feet.
she's pulling up on her knees and getting up on her hands but never at the same time. if she wants to move forward she flops liks a fish until she gets there!
she's not locking her arms like she used to, PTL the crossstroking is working. Dr. W will be so proud!
she's fascinated by the camera and therefore it is impossible to get a picture of her smiliing, instead it seems as if she is always deep in thought!
Can't believe the bug is almost 6 months old...

She's on her third caseworker and we really like this one. She keeps us informed and is very helpful. She also enjoys spending time with the bug and holds her everytime we see her, which means alot because I never saw the previous two even touch her!

Continue to pray God's best for this little angle, we are so blessed to get to be a part of this little life!

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